Apple PowerBook 12"

Apple PowerBook 12" を衝動買いしていた事を書いていなかった.
丁度良いので誕生日プレゼントと言う事にしておこうかな. ;)
[The other day, I bought Apple PowerBook 12".
For to account it by my savings, my mother ring me;
"What do you use its money?"
At a good time, September 22nd is my birthday,
it must be my birthday present. ;)]

買ったその日に HDD のパーティションを切り分け,
何故か二日程夜を徹して Gentoo Linux を stage1 からインストール.
更に,Mac OS X とのデュアルブート化を施した.
x86 以外では alpha と sparc しかモニョモニョした経験が無いので,
[On the day, partitioning HDD.
For no special reason, install Gentoo Linux from stage1 for two days.
In addition, enabled dual booting with Mac OS X.
Maybe, I delay in installing process,
because I haven't touch non-x86 architechture without alpha and sparc.]

[The Summary is discribed below...]

1. パーティショニングは二段階.
[1. The partitioning process is two step.]
 Mac OS X のインストール DVD のディスクユーティリティで二分割,
 何れかのパーティションに Mac OS X をそのままインストール.
 Gentoo Linux の Live CD から mac-fdisk で残りのパーティションを
 更に swap と / に分割する.
 Mac OS X 側では ext2 がマウント出来るアプリケーションが有る.
 Linux 側では,Kernel の関係で Reiserfs は非推奨.
 Mac OS X が Mac OS 9 のアプリケーションの互換性を維持しつつ,
 /etc/yaboot.conf の適当な箇所には brokenosx のオプションが必要.
 [First, split whole HDD into two partition by using disk utility
 in Mac OS X install DVD, install Mac OS X to one.
 Next, split another partition into swap partition and / partition.
 Partition table and boootstarp partition are shared.
 Mac OS X can mount ext2 by using an application.
 For to the Linux kernel problem, using Reiserfs is NOT recommend.
 /etc/yaboot.conf require brokenosx option on Mac OS X boot section,
 because compatibility for some applications of Mac OS 9
 and Mac OS X install to only a partition.]

2. Gentoo Linux のインストールは HandBook を辿ればほぼ完璧.
[2. Reference to Installing Gentoo Linux process by HandBook is OK.]
 USE フラグに altivec を入れると幸せになれるかもしれない.
 [If including altivec in USE flags, you will be blessed.]

3. ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/Japan /etc/localtime だけでは時刻がズレる.
[3. If only ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/Japan /etc/localtime,
hardware clock will be shifted.]
 /etc/conf.d/clock 内で CLOCK="UTC" とすべし.
 Mac OS X 側のハードウェアクロックへの時刻同期が関係してそう.
 [Edit CLOCK="UTC in "/etc/conf.d/clock.
 This problem may be related to syncronize clock in Mac OS X.]

4. Kernel の設定は Live CD の /proc/config.gz から作ると簡単.
[4. The easy way to configure kernel is to make from LiveCD's /proc/config.gz.]
 ppc の preemption enabled な Kernel は不安定になる為,除外.
 SMP やサイズ優先の最適化も除外しておくと,
 [Now, preemptive kernel for ppc is unstable.
 To disable SMP and size optimization improve performance, maybe.]

 Apple * support とか PowerBook support とかの類いが有れば,
 取り敢えず有効にして dmesg や /var/log/message とかの様子を見よう.
 [For the present, enable Apple * support or PowerBook support etc.
 And check dmesg and /var/log/message after rerbooting.]

 PowerBook 12" モデルは珍しく nVidia のチップセットを積んでいるから,
 その辺りも考慮して ATI を除外しつつ,
 nVidia を有効にしないと幸せになれない.
 [Singular, so PowerBook 12" have nVidia chipset,
 to disable ATI options and to enable nVidia option are IMPORTANT. ]

 Kernel Traffic のこの辺りを参考に適当にムニャムニャして,
 emerge x11-misc/synaptics をやらないとタッチパッドが動かない.
 [If NO patching kernel by reference to this post in Kernel Traffic
 or NO emerge x11-misc/synaptics, touchpad will NOT work.]

 USB 関係の dmesg 中の error が気になる人や bluetooth な人は,
 [If you have sensitive some error in dmesg or bluetooth user,
 check this post.]

 CPU freq と付随するオプションを有効にしておくと,
 後述の cpudynd の恩恵を受けられる.
 [If enabling CPU freq and its related options,
 you are blessed by cpudynd as below.]

[My feeling is discribed below...]

1. X の描画が厳しい.
[1. X can NOT enable hardware acceleration.]
 同じハードウェアで Mac OS X を動かしているから良く分かる.
 x86 なら殆どのベンダのハードウェアアクセラレーションが入手出来るが,
 [Exactly, I feel the difference of the performance
 because running Mac OS X on same hardware.
 Especially, when resizing window or moving it.
 Now, x86 architechture can enable hardware acceleration
 for many vender's hardware,
 but ppc or so can not enable it.
 We must improve this point.]

2. タッチパッドの動きが怪しい.
[2. Touchpad driver have fuzz problems.]
 パッチの README 等に書いてある様に温度変化に敏感らしい.
 [The driver's README file said touchpad's sensor sensitive to tempereture.
 So, require to tune by users or improve driver's by developpers.]

3. 意外にノート PC 用のアプリケーションが有る.
[3. Interesting to me, many laptop's application is developped.]
 例えば,Mac OS X ライクなショートカットキーが効くGTKPBButonsd,
 バッテリーとかの面倒を見てくれる PowerPrefs,
 負荷に応じたCPUクロックの調整をしてくれる cpudyn が良い感じ.
 PowerBook に限らず,Portage の app-laptop 以下を見ると,
 ThinkPad とか結構有名所のノート PC 用アプリケーションも在るみたい.
 [For example,
 GTKPBButtonsd enable to shortcut keys like Mac OS X,
 PowerPrefs offer to power supply services or so,
 cpudyn control CPU freqency for the load.
 Not only PowerBook,
 Portage's app-laptop include some application of ThinkPad or so.]

4. AirMac Extreme は未だ動かない.
[4. AirMac Extreme NOT work.]
 使用している Broadcom BCM4301 と言うチップセットの
 [Because AirMac Extreme system use Broadcom BCM4301 chipset,
 and this chipset's spec information is closed.
 On the drivers development page,
 developpers make petition now.]

「モバイルな Linux って素晴らしい」と言う事で. :)
[Now It have some improvements,
But "Mobile Linux is excited me." :)]

ここでそう書いて仕舞えば,サボれないハズだから. ;p
[From the tomorrow,
I will report here about working the research for to graduate.
If I swear in, I can not truant it. ;p]


OSC 2005 Fall

OSC 2005 Fall の為に,大久保まで出かけてみた.
[For OSC 2005 Fall, I go to Ohkubo.]

[I was visiting many OSS booth from the morning.
I met the many LOL scene.]

[For example,]
・セミナー会場の Network の調子が悪かったり,
 (DNS は通るが,外に出られなかったらしい.)
[The nwtwork of the seminar place troubled,
(DNS responce is OK, but default gateway NOT work fine.)]
・PostgreSQL のブースで話を聞いている途中に,看板が落ちたり,
[On PostgreSQL booth, when the presentation, the plate fell off,
(Its ADMINs had a little panic.)]
・SLAX-ja の Boot from USB disk が失敗したり,
 (dmesg やら Xorg.0.log を見て error を荒探しした.)
[SLAX-ja booting from USB disk was failed,
(We worked hard for to find some error in dmesg and Xorg.0.log.)]
・Gentoo Linux stage3 install で,やはり passwd 変更を忘れたり,
 (綺麗にラベルされたインストール CD を貰った.)
[When Gentoo Linux stage3 install event, I forgot to change passwd,
(I got new install CD which was NICE design.)]
・ライトニングトークの UDA は OSS じゃなかったり,
[When lightning talk, UDA is NO OSS,
(But UDA was taken photo by many people,
and we talk about it too on the party after lightning talk.)]
・OSASK の某氏が学校をサボって北海道から来ていたり,
[Someone of OSASK developer came from Hokkai-Do, he was escaped his school,
(He is surely young HACKer, I think.)]
・兵庫県のネットワークスペシャリストな高校の先生や mono な人とかと話したり,
[I met a highschool's teacher a network specialist from Hyogo,
a man work with mono, etc.
(Nice fight to come from far place.)]
[When the party after lightning talk,
JANKEN game and short presentation for to get some lefted sample books.
(ROMP and FUSS, I got a loot.)]

[The next OSC open at Okinawa and Kansai.]
流石に遠くて足が届かないから,春までヒキコモる. :p
[Too far from me, I will be winter sleep. :p]
[O.K. Let's DEV with ROMP and FUSS!]